Artykl designes brands for many new business along wih website, since the internet is often the most important representation dimension for such businesses. We develop logos and corporative identity as whole and prepare many other promotional material such as flyers, roll-up etc.

We created websites for all the represented projects in our portfolio. We develop promotional simple pages as well as complex web application for commercial purposes and e-commerce.

3D Graphics for commercial purposes.

We develop mobile applications of any complexity along with websites and brand design within big marketing projects.

We offer TV spots on some of czech TV channels.

Artyklcan create and define you entire e-marketing policy and help you start a whole new business in Czech Republic by creating your coporate identity, marketing campaigns, website and mobile applications.

  • Godot Art Galerie

    Godot art gallery is an art gallery situated near theCharles Bridge in Prague. You can find there a lot of works of modern artists of East Europe. It provides a possibility of shopping exclusive art in the internet. On its website a customer can browse through immerse catalogue of modern art and purchase an item without visiting the shop itself.

  • Redcrox offers 100% cashback for purchases made in shops registered as partners in redcrox catalogue of shops. A customer of such a shop can try to guess the right answer to one of listed questions related to results of sport events which are soon to take place and get 100% cashback of his purchase in case of the right guess. It is important to know that in case of incorrect guess a customer will lose nothing. It is a marketing tool with big ambitions.

  • All You Can See

    AYCS is the website of Prague tourism agency All You Can See where you can view, reserve and pay for excursions

  • Call Manager

    Adaptation of CallOffice TM software (Mass Calling Solutions) for centralized office work. The task was to allow one big office to use this piece of software from one office server via simple web interface. The CallOffice TM was originally developed by third party for individual use, so server adaptation and web user interface development were the most laborious issues. Call Manager was developed for another web developer on basis of given technical task as an outsource work and was then put up for sale by that company.

  • Ok travel

    AYCS is the website of Prague tourism agency All You Can See where you can view, reserve and pay for excursions

  • Grand Turismo

    Developed by Artykl web framework GrandTurismo was initially intended to be used as booking platform for tourism, but it’s only the beginning of that. Artykl created GT since classic e-shop platforms such as Prestashop or Joomla weren’t able to satisfy a number of critical tasks of excursions selling website. The fact that an entire buying process in a classic e-commerce framework doesn’t take in consideration certain aspects of touristic booking was one of the main issue. There are currently 3 websites running on this platform. GrandTourismo features its own backoffice. Since GT has a very specific task it brings overall simplicity into backoffice, which is of course a very good news for those who have already had a bit of a headache with multitasking frameworks with endless menus, status bar etc.


    Gym1 sports club website was designed and developed by Artykl as a web presentation and a useful source of information for clients of this new sports club in the center of Prague. offers a small cozy sauna and 3 spacious gyms for hourly rent with all the needed infrastructure making it very comfortable for every sport activity. Being a new business in town, Gym1 asked Artykl to help create a brand for them along with the website. Artykl was also glad to suggest certain innovations for to allow to attract customers directly via the internet. As a result Artykl brought out a website with a modern and casual design and a unique tool for reservation processing.

  • Exekutorský Úřad Praha 9

    Information website for Distraint office for Prague 9 district of Prague, Czech Republic (Exekutorský Úřad Praha 9). Bid lists and office desk are administrated via unique and simple adminstration page. Website offers highly convenient mobile version with all the functions of table PC version.

  • Art Galaxy

    Simple presentations web for extrioral advertisment.

  • Forest Hill

    Simple presentations web for Forest Hill construction project, where a customer can browse through apartments.

  • Indigo-N

    Website and brand design by Artykl for this Interier design studio in Saint Petersburg, Russia

  • Argo

    Promotional website for Argo construction project in Prague. Artykl developed all the graphics including logotype and 3D visualization of the builiding and apartments inside.

  • Farma

    The website of biofarm in Czech Republic, where you can order bio vegetables. Logotype was also designed by Artykl.

  • Edagama

    Mobile guide service where you can create an excurison and use it on your smartphone or let other people use it.

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